Education Min Kerameus: Total distance learning a very big endeavour

Education Minister Niki Kerameus referred to ‘an educational community’s leap to the digital transformation” in an interview with Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday, a few hours after the announcement for the suspension of operation of all the grades of the primary and secondary education and the transition to the modern distance learning form.

“The total distance learning is a very big endeavour which is credited to the educational community” she said adding that roughly 40,000 digital classes are operating daily from the first week of the distance learning simultaneously and over 200,000 classes in total in which participate over 4 million pupils to 52-minute in average, lessons.

On the problems with the e-learning system in the first days of its implementation, Kerameus said that it was due to a technical problem with the server of the platform of the provider in London. “Difficulties will continue to exist but we are here to resolve them and to correct any irregularity and improve the solutions” she said.