Education ministry condemns Golden Dawn’s threats against teachers in Perama school

The ministry of education condemned on Tuesday the jeering and threats suffered by the principal and teachers of a primary school in Neo Ikonio, Perama, by a group of Golden Dawn members headed by party MP Yiannis Lagos.

According to information, a group of about 20 Golden Dawn members and Lagos started quarrelling intensely with parents and teachers ahead of the parents’ meeting which was expected to decide on whether to allow 22 children refugees to attend the school.

The meeting was held with the participation of the mayor of Perama, the teachers and the parents. Outside the school were parents who oppose the attendance by children refugees and jeered the mayor as he left the school.

“The ministry condemns in the most categorical way the scuffles and threats suffered by the principal and teachers of the primary school of Neo Ikonio, in the presence of pupils, from a group of Golden Dawn supporters, headed by MP Yiannis Lagos. The school, which has been selected to teach children refugees, was invaded as the parents’ meeting was getting underway. The group of Golden Dawn members invaded the school, without the necessary license, attempting to turn the school into an arena for political conflict,” the ministry said.

On his side, the ministry’s general secretary Yiannis Pandis said the scuffles will not cancel the pan to send the children refugees to the school.