EETT introduces Pricescope service

Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT) introduced a new electronic application, called “Pricescope”, offering consumers the ability to compare telecoms and post products online.

Pricescope is an innovative electronic application, allowing consumers to compare, easily and credibly, retail prices for commercial products in fixed-telephony, mobile telephony and Internet along with post services in the Greek market.

Pricescope includes product description and prices for around 1,050 telecoms products offered by six telecom providers and seeks more than 86,000 product combinations. For the express post service, information covers characteristics and billing for domestic and international post services offered by the 11 largest post companies.

Pricescope has two main operations: a) seeking products through multiple criteria and b) comparing retail prices based on the characteristics of the use described by consumers.

The application is available in iOS and Android operating systems.