EFKA report on average daily and monthly wages in August 2017

Average daily wages of insured workers with full-time jobs was 48.94 euros, while average monthly wages was 1,161.72 euros in August 2017, or 23.45 euros and 416.09 euros for part-time workers, respectively, official figures showed on Friday.

A report released by the Social Insurance Agency EFKA, showed that the number of insured workers was 2,112,252, of which 2,083,036 in common enterprises and 29,216 in construction works. Men accounted for 54.26 pct of all insured workers, 56.85 pct in full-time jobs and 46.60 pct in part-time jobs. An 88.09 pct of insured workers were Greek citizens, 2.5 pct from other EU country and 9.41 pct from countries outside the EU.

A 21.73 pct of insured workers is employed in the hotel/restaurant sector, 21.16 pct in wholesale/retail commerce and 12.76 pct in manufacturing. Office workers (21.07 pct) accounted for the biggest number of insured workers in common enterprises.

Average employment was 21.96 days (13.35 days for insured workers in the construction sector).