EFKA report on wages, employment in October 2017

Average daily pay for full-time workers totaled 49.97 euros and the average monthly wage was 1,148.27 euros in October 2017, while in part-time employment, average daily pay was 23.51 euros and the average monthly wage was 382.91 euros, official figures showed on Thursday.

The number of insured workers in Greece totaled 2,119,366 in October 2017, of which men accounted for 53.53 pct. The percentage of men working in full-time jobs was 56.49 pct, while in part-time jobs 44.70 pct. A 22.08 pct of insured workers are aged up to 29 years, 52.48 pct were aged up to 39 years and 18.41 pct were between 50-64 years old.

The wholesale/retail commerce sector employed 21.01 pct of insured workers, the hotel/restaurant 17.87 pct and the manufacturing sector 12.57 pct.