Egyptian parliamentary committee approves Greece-Egypt maritime borders agreement

The Egyptian Parliament’s Committee of Legal and Constitutional Affairs approved the Greece-Egypt agreement on maritime zones on Monday as constitutionally sound.

The agreement was signed in Cairo on August 6 by the foreign ministers of both countries.

After reviewing the agreement against the country’s constitutional and legislative requirements, the committee said in a report that “it follows international law” and “it also includes the creation of an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between the two countries.”

According to Al Ahram newspaper, the delineation of the maritime borders will be completed when necessary, through further negotiations about two points, A and E, in the agreement.

The committee report mentions that if any of the two countries wants to sign an EEZ with a third country that shares maritime borders with Greece and Egypt, that country will notify the other ahead of time, before signing with the third country.

As Al Ahram reported, the agreement also mentions that if natural resources including hydrocarbons are found in an area expanding between the EEZ of the two countries, a new agreement must be signed about the exploitation of these resources and any disagreements will be resolved through diplomatic channels.