EIB’s head Werner Hoyer gives vote of confidence to Greek economic outlook

“We are the bank that stayed and expanded its activities in Greece during the economic crisis. Many in Europe may believe that there is no creativity in Greece, but it exists and this will give the economy the ability to grow,” European Investment Bank (EIB) chairman Werner Hoyer said on Friday.

Addressing the 2nd Delphi Economic Forum, Hoyer said EIB’s exposure to Greece accounted for 10 pct of Greek GDP and noted that the European Union has taken the part of the responsibility arising from the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. He said that a Juncker Plan aimed at reducing an investment gap of 750 million euros by 100 million euros annually, but warned over the need to speed up productivity rates in Europe and to develop digital economy, a sector where the EU lagged behind.

Mark Array, vice-president of Hellenic Initiative USA, addressing the forum referred to the necessity of creating communication bridges between the Greek diaspora and Greece. He said that the Hellenic Initiative USA managed to organize businessmen in Greek diaspora, for the first time under US President Bill Clinton. Hellenic Initiative USA has presented the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award and supports programs to reunite Greeks living abroad with their home country. “The basic characteristic of Greece is its human capital,” Mark Array said. “Patriotism, Religion and Language are the bridges that will unite us. We must build bridges. All together,” he said.