Eighteen charged for attacks during Katerini protest; nine to be tried on Monday

Eighteen individuals have been arrested and charged and nine are to stand trial on Monday for attacks on police officers that were guarding the home of Pieria MP Betty Skoufa in Katerini, barring the way to protestors objecting to her vote in support of the Prespes Agreement. The incidents occurred on Friday night.

Among those arrested are eight minors, who have been released at the orders of a Katerini prosecutor, while the remaining 10 are to be led before the prosecutor that charged them on Monday. Nine are to be tried the same day under the procedure for defendants caught in the act, remaining in custody until that time, while the tenth is to appear before an examining magistrate on criminal charges of arson, accused of throwing a petrol bomb.

The charges against them include arson, causing damages, causing dangerous bodily harm, resisting arrest, causing insult and violating laws on flares and fireworks.