ELETAEN: The Aegean can make Greece a green energy exporter

The Aegean Sea, with its potential to generate wind power, can make Greece an exporter of green energy and a valuable factor in Europe’s energy independence. This, combined with the installation of very large foreign and Greek investments in wind farms and interconnections to the islands and the Aegean sea, strengthens the international importance – and security – of the area, the Hellenic Scientific Association of Wind Energy (ELETAEN) pointed out.

Greece should turn its attention to its only confirmed energy resource, the Aegean, offshore and on the islands and this involves large investments in wind farms and interconnections.

ELETAEN also called for an ambitious national target for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030, as well as for the participation of renewable energy sources in the energy balance. It also emphasised scientific research in the fields of energy storage and floating wind turbines that can provide multiplier development benefits combined with the shipbuilding industry, the cable and electrical industry, and the relevant services.