ELTA announces collectible stamps that honor Greece’s management of the pandemic

A special collector’s edition of stamps that pay tribute to all involved in Greece’s successful management of the coronavirus pandemic was announced on Monday by the Hellenic Post (ELTA).

Titled ‘We stayed at home and won, we thank you all’, the stamps honor the frontline medical and nursing staff and all the citizens who observed the quarantine and stayed at home, thus protecting public health, said the company.

Part of the proceeds will be deposited into a special bank account for the strengthening of the country’s medical infrastructure, according to a decision by the company’s executives.

Chairman of ELTA’s Board of Directors Polychronis Griveas said that this edition of stamps is dedicated “to all those who gave their best in the fight against the coronavirus, and who deserve the thanks of all Greeks” and described the act as “a way to say ‘thank you’ to them, in our very own language, the language of the Hellenic Post.”