Emir of Qatar to be the owner of the surrounding land at Navagio beach of Zakynthos

The conveyance of a large area of about 3706 acres in Zakynthos from the descendants of an old noble family of Zakynthos to a company that is allegedly associated with Emir of Qatar has caused reactions on the island.

The land in question surrounds the Navagio beach (Shipwreck Beach) of Zakynthos which is the most famous geographical point of the island and for which the Church has property titles.

According to Public Revenue Office of Zakynthos a contract of 9 million euros and an amount of 400 thousand euros have been submitted as a deposit for the conveyance tax. However, tax authorities price the property at double of the above value.

The company which appears as the buyer of the land is engaged in international real estate businesses, while the seller of the land in question is the last descendant of an old noble family of the island who holds the property titles from the 17th century.

On behalf of the church, Archbishop of Dodona and former Archbishop of Zakynthos Chrysostomos speaking to ANA-MPA said that the Church does not intend to abandon its rights in the region noting that the issue is addressed by the legal consultants of Metropolis of Zakynthos.

Mr. Chrysostomos said that the process of the property conveyance is at an early stage and that there are many pending issues. In any case, though, the Church is watching closely the developments, as he stated.