Hellenic Statistical Authority: Employment and wages up in most economic sectors in Q4 2017

Employment and wages grew in the vast majority of economic sectors in Greece in the fourth quarter of 2017, compared with the corresponding period in 2016, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Tuesday.

In a report, the statistics service reported that employment, working hours and wages grew by 0.9 pct, 0.3 pct and 7.1 pct, respectively, in the mining sector during the fourth quarter of 2017. Increases of 2.3 pct, 4.8 pct and 7.8 pct, respectively, were also recorded in the manufacturing sector, increases of 1.1 pct, 19.1 pct and 35.5 pct, were recorded in the water sector, while employment, working hours and wages grew by 4.2 pct, 12.9 pct and 8.0 pct in the construction sector. Increases were also recorded in the media/communication sector (3.7 pct, 0.1 pct and 5.6 pct, respectively) and in the professional/scientific/technical sector (20.7 pct, 7.2 pct and 4.7 pct, respectively).

In the transport/logistics sector employment and wages grew by 1.4 pct and 3.7 pct, respectively, while working hours fell by 1.8 pct. In the hotel/restaurant sector, wages grew 17.9 pct while employment and working hours fell by 5.0 pct and 12.7 pct, respectively. Finally, in the electricity/natural gas/heating sector, employment, wages and working hours fell by 7.9 pct, 1.8 pct and 8.6 pct, respectively.