Employment in Greece rises 2 pct in one year, Eurostat figures show

Employment in Greece rose by 2 pct in a year, from the third quarter of 2016 to the third quarter of 2017, according to Eurostat data published on Wednesday.

According to the EU’s statistical agency, the EU and the eurozone both registered the highest rise in employment during Q3, compared to Q3 in 2016. In the EU, specifically, it rose by 0.3 pct and in the eurozone by 0.4 pct. The number of employees rose in the EU by 236.3 million and in the eurozone by 156.3 million.

In Greece, the agency said, employment rose by 2 pct in a year, by 1.7 pct in the eurozone and by 1.8 pct in the EU. In the third quarter of 2017 it rose by 0.1 pct, compared to the second quarter.