Energy Exchange report: Electricity price up 189 pct in 12 months

Average electricity price in the Energy Exchange rose to 134.73 euros/MWh in September, from 121.72 euros/MWh in August and 46.6 euros/MWh in September 2020, the Energy Exchange said in a report. This increase represents a 189 pct jump in 12 months, a fact attributed mainly to a jump in natural gas prices and CO2 emission rights.

Electricity prices continued rising in October to reach 178.29 euros/MWh on Wednesday (the maximum price was 251.26 euros). The energy mix in September was led by natural gas units which covered 46 pct of demand, followed by renewables (28 pct), imports (15 pct), lignite units (8 pct) and hydroelectric units (3 pct).

The Energy Exchange said that the Public Power Corporation’s market share fell to 62.62 pct in September, from 64.37 pct in August, with alternative suppliers raising their market shares, led by Mytilineos (8.08 pct from 7.67 pct), Heron (6.79 pct from 6.4 pct), Elpedison (6.09 pct from 5.69 pct), NRG (4.66 pct from 4.42 pct) and Watt&Wolt (2.52 pct from 2.67 pct).