Energy Minister Skourletis: We must not get to the point to sign a fourth memorandum

“We must not get to the point to sign a fourth memorandum,” Energy Minister Panos Skourletis on Wednesday said speaking to ANT1 TV.

“If we have additional measures and a new memorandum, then this programme will fail,” Skourletis said.
According to Skourletis, if Greece’s lenders are positive to a quantitative easing, the primary surpluses and the debt then the economy will skyrocket and noted that there are no margins for more measures.

Asked if he would resign in case the developments are not positive, he replied that “the last that interests the citizens is what Skourletis will do” adding that “the most important is the decisions that will be taken.”
Referring to the possibility of a government reshuffle, he noted that he is not interested in the reshuffle of persons “but there should not be a reshuffle in our programme.”

Finally, he admitted that initially SYRIZA understimated the political corrolations and the influences existed on the international stage adding that SYRIZA gave its battle and appealed to the people that supported the party for second time.