Energy Minister Stathakis: The government has led the economy to stabilisation

Energy Minister George Stathakis expressed the opinion that 2017 will be the year that the view of the strong recovery of the economy will prevail, speaking on Sunday in Chania, Crete.

“The government has led the economy to stabilisation; we are at a recovery phase”.

Asked if there can be social justice with tax increase, Stathakis said “we chose a marginal increase on some categories of indirect taxes against the increase of indirect taxes on basic goods as water and electricity. I believe that the other alternative would be much worse from a social perspective.

On the reduction of the tax free, he said that this will not happen and is a red line for the government.

Asked to comment IMF’s stance and if it will leave from the Greek programme, he stated “IMF is at a point that will decide quickly. Our position is known, we do not accept further burdens and in the mid-term programme. We have agreed on the framework with our European partners. The IMF must decide to adapt with the facts that exist today with our European partners”.