ENFIA property tax – Exemptions for real estate in Crete affected by earthquakes

Legislation provided for the exemption from ENFIA property tax for real estate affected by the earthquakes that occurred on July 24, 2021 and September 27, 2021 in areas of the Region of Crete, for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The exemption will be granted centrally by the General Directorate of e-Government of AADE based on the applications submitted to the platform arogi.gr for the provision of first aid against housing assistance, with the exception of those submitted for minor injuries.

In case of non-inclusion of affected properties in the central clearance system, its beneficiaries submit a relevant application based on model 1A for granting exemption from ENFIA of A.1272 / 2019 (Β΄2936) Decision of the Governor of AADE accompanied by the necessary supporting documents, issued by 30-06-2022.

The application is submitted, exclusively, through the application “My Requests” in the digital portal myAADE (myaade.gov.gr) only once for the year 2021 and is valid, without any other action of the taxpayer, for the next two years.