Enterprise Greece unveils 2018 promotion programme

Enterprise Greece on Friday unveiled new marketing and promotion actions for sectors in which Greek enterprises excel. The action programme for 2018 aims to strengthen extroversion, promote Greece in the global market as a country exporting quality and innovative products and services of added value and to boost Greek exports in existing markets while accessing new markets.

The 2018 programme is based on the promotion and marketing of economic sectors with clear extrovert orientation and the inclusion of new actions contributing to the creation of a strategy and strengthening of extroversion of the Greek economy and Greek enterprises.

More specifically, new promotion actions were added to strengthen the consumer products sector, technology and innovation, creative industry and shipping industrial equipment, along with the promotion of Greek wines in third countries.

Enterprise Greece has scheduled Greece’s participation in 16 international trade fairs for food/beverage and agricultural products in the markets of Europe, US, Far Eat and Arab countries.

For the technology and IT sector, Enterprise Greece has scheduled participation in six international fair in Barcelona, Toulouse, Hanover, Tokyo and Paris. For the technical equipment and supplies sector, the programme calls for participation in two fairs, for the building materials sector, participation in 12 international fairs, for the cosmetics’ sector two participations in Bologna and Hong Kong, for the hotel equipment sector participation in five fairs in France, UAE, Singapore and South Africa, for the furniture and interior design sectors national participation in two fairs in Dubai and Milan, for the clothing/footwear sector participation in five fairs in Hong Kong, Moscow, Shanghai and Las Vegas.