EBEA head: Entrepreneurship has a present and future in Greece

“After nine years of crisis there must be funds to restore the social fabric, to deal with extreme poverty, to support the unemployed and those in need. But this cannot be done with the leftovers of a primary budget surplus, a result of overtaxation. Nor with subsidized job positions in the public sector. The only way to distribute more funds to society is for wealth to be created through new investments to create job positions and incomes, broadening the tax base and the revenue of the pension system,” Constantinos Michalos, president of the Athens Chamber for Commerce and Industry (EBEA) said on Thursday in a ceremony for the EBEA Awards 2017.

Michalos said that “success stories behind every category of award confirmed that business activity in Greece has a present and future but structural changes must be implemented immediately.”

In his speech, Michalos stressed that all governments, to a lesser or greater extent, have been afraid of difficult reforms. A month ago, we heard the prime minister and the main opposition leader – speaking in Thessaloniki – underlining the need to attract investments to help get the country out of the crisis.

“The fact that there is political convergence on the issue is surely pleasant. But we need actions. If you want to attract investments, job positions and growth in the country, the priorities are clear: reduce taxes and social insurance contributions, complete structural reforms now, promote a radical reconstruction of the public sector, deal with excessive legislation now, offer SMEs the tools and incentives to invest in innovation and extroversion and dare to free universities from state monopoly, open roads of cooperation with the private sector to fund research and exploit innovation,” Michalos said.

EBEA awarded Kleemann for its international and export activity, Vianex SA for research and innovation, Trikalinos Fish Roe for brand product, Re.De-Plan SA Consultants for environment and green development, OPAP for corporate responsibility, B&F Clothes for employment, Skroutz SA for electronic entrepreneurship, K&G Davaris – Evermore cruises for new businessman, Carpo for best developing SME, NanoViis for startup business, Stelios Kanakis for self-created businessman, Loulis Flour Mills for business and tradition.