Env. Min. Stathakis: Electricity rates have been reduced two years in a row

“The electricity prices dropped for two consecutive years,” Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis said on Wednesday, speaking at the “Alli Diastasi” programme of public broadcaster ERT1.

The reduction, Stathakis said, happened for two reasons. “Firstly, it was due to the 15 pct discount the Public Power Corporation (PPC) provided to customers paying their bills on time; and, secondly, because there is competition in the market from other electricity providers.”

He added that, with the Prespes Agreement, a road opens for the creation of a unified peripheral energy market that will connect all the Balkan countries, thus forging important networks for all energy types (electricity, natural gas, petrol). This will be “a mutually beneficial process,” Stathakis said.