Environment ministry issues two licences for Eldorado Gold mines in Olympiada

As announced earlier by Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis, the environment ministry on Wednesday issued two licences needed for Eldorado Gold’s mining investments in Olympiada.

The first modifies a licence for an electromechanical installation in the area for depositing residues and outlines how tailings from the Olympiada plant can be stored.

The second licence allows the company’s subsidiary Hellas Gold to operate new electromechanical equipment in the Olympiada enrichment plant for three years, with the proviso that the amount of processed metal each year does not exceed 400,000 tonnes and appropriate measures are taken to protect the health and safety of workers, etc.

In an announcement, Hellas Gold said it was satisfied by the minister’s statements but “we have not yet received the licences in person. We await the licences still pending, both for Olympiada and Skouries, immediately.”