Epigenetics: The ‘secret revolution’ in the research and pharmaceutical field

A ‘secret revolution’ is taking place in the research and pharmaceutical field due to epigenetics that brings to the forefront new medicines for cancer and other diseases, said Professor of Chemistry of the University of Leipsing Athanassios Giannis.

Dr. Giannis claimed that the scientists have understood that the “genetic information, the DNA, is the music score and the epigenetics the conductor that performs and controls the orchestra.”

Referring to his experience in Greece where he has served as member of the Committee of the University of Patras, he said “unfortunately many people consider the universities a ground for union exercises and not as a field for research, creation, knowledge and innovation” and underlined that due to insufficient funding of research a large number of Greek scientists go abroad.

Professor Giannis was born in the city of Drama in 1954 and studied chemistry and medicine at the University of Bonn.

The main field of his research is biological and pharmaceutical organic chemistry and biochemistry of natural products while his research covers also the epigenetics, immunomodulatory medicines, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis and their use against several diseases as cancer and rheumatic diseases.

The scientist will be in Athens on October 11 to inaugurate a series of events of the Hub Science. His speech will focus on “Epigenetics: challenges, opportunities and prospects”. He will also present new epigenetic medicines against cancer and other diseases.