Episodes in Megara after the fatal police shooting of a 20-year-old Roma

Episodes took place until late at night on the old highway at the height of Megara between Roma groups and strong police forces.

At around 00.30, an unknown person fired a shotgun at the police forces, injuring two police officers in the legs.

Two other police officers were also injured by stones and one had to be taken to hospital.

One man dead, seven police officers injured in stolen car chase late Friday night

One of three men driving a stolen car died by police fire in the confrontation that followed a police chase in the area of Perama, Athens, late Friday night.

According to a Saturday Hellenic Police statement, the young man was aged 20, while the other car passenger is being hospitalized under guard and will soon be identified. The third passenger is on the run and being sought by police, it was added.

A total of seven police officers were injured when the driver reversed into them violently, crashing into their motorcycles, in his attempt to escape capture.

The seven officers involved in the shooting dead of Sabanis were arrested on Sunday for intentional homicide.