EPSILON NET: Purchase of an autonomous building complex in Thessaloniki

The purchase of an autonomous building complex in the area of ​​Eastern Thessaloniki was announced by the Epsilon Net Group, according to a relevant announcement.

In particular, it is a building on Agricultural School Avenue no. 92 and at a distance of 3.5 km from Thessaloniki International Airport.

In particular, the parent company of the Group, signed a final contract for the purchase of building installations of 7,244sqm with a plot area of ​​2,942sqm against a total price of 2,250,000 euros.

The building complex, located on one of the main roads leading to the airport, is adjacent to the “Digital Center and the Center for Internal Operations & Services” of the Pfizer Innovation Center, while in the wider area of ​​the property and within a radius of 1 km. important business and commercial activities are being developed such as:

• the complex of the Inter-Balkan Medical Center

• the Frorida 1 Commercial Park owned by the Fourlis Group

• Florida 2 Shopping Park – Apollonia Politia

• IKEA of Northern Greece.

Also, within walking distance from the building, is the “Technopolis of Thessaloniki” and the under-established technology park of Thessaloniki “Thess INTEC”.

Utilization study

The company has already started the study of the development of the property and its reconstruction, according to the necessary technological and architectural specifications. In the new building complex, which will have modern high quality infrastructure, all the functions of the company’s headquarters will be relocated as well as the new technological structures developed by the Group and more specifically:

1) The headquarters and the administrative services of the Group as well as all the staff employed in Thessaloniki

2) The Digital Center of the Group to be established, which will initially focus on the sectors of INFORMATION SYSTEMS, FINTEC & ANALYTICS

3) The under construction incubator of the Group, with the aim of attracting young scientists in the context of the Group’s collaborations with the academic institutions of the country, the utilization of scientific capital and the strengthening of young entrepreneurship & small business schemes.


The company will achieve a significant reduction in rental costs from moving to privately owned buildings while the cost of their reconstruction and configuration and the necessary technological equipment will be financed from own funds, in combination with the sources of funding and incentives provided by the Development Law. & the Recovery Fund.

With the new building facilities, the Epsilon Net Group, a protagonist in the ongoing digital transformation of the Greek economy, intends to actively contribute to the emergence of Thessaloniki and the scientific and technological potential of the city, a strong pole for its development and extroversion of Information Technology of Greece in the wider region of Southeastern Europe.