ESEE: A 68 pct of Greek consumers use plastic money

Around two in three Greek consumers (68 pct) are currently using plastic money, a debit, credit or prepaid card, in their transactions, a survey by Public Issue for the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) said.

The survey showed by a 61 pct of consumers used a debit card, a 21 pct a credit card and a 6.0 pct a prepaid card.

The biggest percentage of card users (more than 70 pct) were men (70 pct), the 35-44 age group (70 pct), the 45-54 age group (77 pct) and the 55-64 age group (72), university graduates (83 pct), employed people (74 pct), civil servants (89 pct), workers in the private sector (73 pct), urban citizens (72 pct).

On the other hand, a significant percentage of the country’s adult population, 32 pct, did not use plastic money in their transactions. These are mostly women (35 pct), people above 65 years (40 pct),
housewives (47 pct), unemployed (40 pct), farm region citizens (40 pct).

The survey showed that the percentage of use of debit card on a daily basis was 25 pct, while credit card daily use was 14 pct and use of pre-paid card was 5.0 pct.