Ethniki Asfalistiki: Μore robust and powerful than ever

Christoforos Sardelis, President of Ethniki Asfalistiki

“Building on a successful course of 126 years, Ethniki Asfalistiki is now, in 2017, more robust and powerful than ever, having profits and productivity placing it at the top of the Greek insurance market”, says in an interview Mr. Christoforos Sardelis, President of Ethniki Asfalistiki.

Mr. Sardelis added:

«As it is evident from the figures of the first five months of 2017, the results of the said year are anticipated to be greatly satisfying.

The soundness and leading position of Ethniki Asfalistiki did not come out of nowhere. They reflect the coordinated, systematic and firm commitment of its people (management, employees and partners) to keep it at the top. Every strategic plan, every strategic goal, every decision is inspired by those timeless values shaping its people-focused strategy, making it friendly and humane towards the persons insured and the society.

Ethniki Asfalistiki actively supports culture, the environment and sports, while being more sensitive towards vulnerable groups of the society.

Focusing mainly on the implementation of actions for children, it continues supporting associations such as “SOS Children’s Villages Greece”, “Cerebral Palsy Greece”, “To Hamogelo tou Paidiou” and “Together for Children”.

At the same time, Ethniki Asfalistiki has been organizing various actions to collect and donate food and basic commodities to relieve economically disadvantaged groups and the refugees.

As to culture, art space “STOart Korai” has been created by Ethniki Asfalistiki and hosts exhibitions of well-known and new artists, in cooperation with the Archive of Greek Art, while it operates on a non-profit basis under the auspices of the company. Finally, a contribution which makes us very proud is the restoration and operation of “Memorial Site 1941-1944”, a unique monument of the recent Greek history, from the Occupation time, in the building located at 4 Korai St. In these hard times, the need to keep memory alive is critical, as this enhances social cohesion and strengthens solidarity and altruism.”

Stavros Konstantas, Deputy CEO of Ethniki Asfalistiki

On his behalf , Mr. Stavros Konstantas, Deputy CEO of Ethniki Asfalistiki underline that “since its establishment, in 1891, to-date, Ethniki Asfalistiki has always been loyal to its vision and its mission; offering quality services through modern products and processes. For 126 years now, it has been leading the way, with its drivers being timeless values such as reliability, ethos, trust, safety and its experience, values which have brought it out and established it as the leader of the Greek insurance market.

For Ethniki Asfalistiki 2016 was a milestone of its continuous presence in the Greek insurance market. Building on a successful course of many years and despite the harsh financial conditions, Ethniki Asfalistiki remains powerful and robust, and it strengthens and consolidates its leading position, being a point of reference and of credibility both for its insured persons and for the whole Greek insurance market.

In particular, Ethniki Asfalistiki kept its high levels of profitability and of productivity, having winnings before taxes of €57.7 million for 2016, while its total production reached €577.7 million.
Such figures guarantee Ethniki Asfalistiki’s ability to immediately respond to its clients’ requirements and to the challenges of the market. In addition, they prove that Ethniki Asfalistiki constitutes a pillar of the country’s private insurance, giving it a particularly developed sense of responsibility that allows it to act in a dynamic way, such as in the case of undertaking part of International Life’s portfolio.

During its long history, Ethniki Asfalistiki, with its strong sense of responsibility and with its will to give back to the society, has been systematically supporting culture, the environment and science. In 2016, Ethniki Asfalistiki participated in corporate social responsibility program Act4Greece, providing aid to refugees and to socially vulnerable groups of our country, promoting our history and our cultural heritage, as well as a series of other individual actions.

With a sense of responsibility towards the society and the man, Ethniki Asfalistiki undertook the role of the Grand Sponsor in charity race “Νο Finish Line Αthens”, held by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in April 2017, for the support of the programs of “Together for Children” association, thus aiding children in need.”