Ethniki Asfalistiki: 127 years at the top of the Greek insurance market

The successful path of Ethniki Asfalistiki has a long history. For 127 years he has been at the top of the Greek insurance market, making his name synonymous with collateral and solvency.

Today, despite the prolonged sales process, the Company continues to lead the way in economic developments, achieving high levels of profitability and impressive productive results. With a total market share of 17.4% (first quarter 2018), 23.9% in the Life segment and 11.9% in the General Sectors, EthnikiAsfalistiki is strengthening its leading role in the private insurance sector in Greece. Profits for the first quarter of 2018 were equally impressive, as before taxes amounted to € 18.6 million (first quarter 2017 € 18.7 million), while its total production for the same period amounted to € 174, 0 cm, showing an increase of 11.7% compared to 2017.

The increased results were achieved in a period of economic and social challenges for the country, as well as significant changes for Greece’s largest private insurer. Both Ethniki Asfalistiki, as well as its employees and associates, have remained unaffected and committed to achieving the Company’s strategic goals.

With a longstanding value, such as credibility, ethos, trust, and genuine interest for its insured, EthnikiAsfalistiki offers innovative programs and top services that constantly improve and modernize to meet the needs of the era. Its dynamic presence is also reflected – among other things – through its distinctions and awards, with the most recent one of the 1st Best Fame Award in the framework of Famous Brands research.

Some of the important distinctions that the Company has taken over in 2018 are the Gold Award for the SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance, the Silver Award for the ETHNIKI FORCE online platform as part of the IMPACT BITE Awards, as well as the Silver Award for the pioneering promotional energy “Come to talk about your insurance”, as part of the Sales Excellence Awards 2018.

With a deep sense of responsibility and willingness to return to society, Ethniki Asfalistiki proves its social personality in practice through its participation in actions to support sensitive social groups, environmental protection, strengthening of culture and sport. Only last year, he has carried out more than 50 related actions, a project for which he has distinguished himself in the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018, awarding the third prize (Bronze) and the Salus Index Award for his Health Promotion. Continuing the social action for 2018, he took on the role of a major sponsor in the 2nd No Finish Line Athens for the second consecutive year, where he gained the first place with the human potential of gathering a total of 4,353 kilometers. The company’s support to the Union “Together for the Child” led to its honorary distinction in February last year for its valuable contribution.

By demonstrating its unwavering support for the fire victims of Attica and for their best service, Ethniki Asfalistiki proceeded to the creation of a special telephone line (210-9099600), to the immediate payment of the damages related to the total destruction of real estate in the fire-stricken areas of Eastern and Western Attica, as well as an extension of insurance policy repayments. At the same time, together with its employees, the Company proceeds with the purchase of essential items, which will be made available to the competent structures for the relief of the victims.

Trust, Dedication, Direct Service are those features that make EthnikiAsfalistiki stand out and create long-lasting relationships of trust with its over 1,000,000 insured, thus inheriting the value of insurance from generation to generation.