Sources: Solution on pensions will be found

European Commision sources expressed optimism on Tuesday that a solution will be found on the issue of Greek pensions that will combine everything that has been agreed with measures to support those in need, while adding that this solution will be in compliance with the 2019 budget.

Ahead of the Eurogroup on November 19, two days before the 2019 budget is tabled in Parliament, the same sources stressed the need not to disrupt the “greenhouse” conditions created for the Greek economy in the next decade, which presuppose the existence of economic and political stability and predictability.

Asked about the climate ahead of the next national elections, the sources stressed that the prospects are positive and the vast majority of the political forces does not question the fundamental components of Greece’s exit from the memorandum.

According to the Commission’s estimates, interest and pressure have now been transferred to Italy, which is called upon to submit an amended budget reflecting the commitments of the previous government by November 13. It is estimated, however, that in the case of Italy, the Greek crisis of 2015 will not be repeated.

In a question about Greek-Turkish issues, the sources in the European Commission said that history has shown that the only way to solve issues with Turkey is a strategy of staying calm. This has also been proven in the refugee case, where the agreement reached has led to a drastic restriction of the flows but also to the liberation of the two Greek soldiers.

However, the sources said, the climate for Turkey in Europe is not good, as more and more governments are demanding a more aggressive stance, and if Weber is elected to the leadership of the European People’s Party, the pressure is expected to further increase. It is important to find a way for Europe to continue to solve problems with Turkey, the sources noted, among other things, on the issues of terrorism where Turkish assistance is valuable.

On the issues of the continental shelf and drilling, the sources said the Commission has no competence to arbitrate, nor any military or deterrent power. All it can do, and has already done, is to ask Turkey to respect international law.