EU Commission praises Greece for 2019 budget

European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis expressed his satisfaction on Wednesday over the economic condition in Europe.

Presenting the reports of the European Commission on the 2019 State budgets of the state-members of the eurozone, he congratulated Greece for its first budget after the end of the memoranda noting that the reforms must continue.

On his part, European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici referring to Greece welcomed the fact that Greece has entered a new stage of economic stability. As he said, according to European Commission’s opinion Greece is complying with the rules of the Stability Pact and respects the fiscal commitments. “The efforts of the Greek people are now bearing fruits in terms of public finance, the economic growth and the social justice” said Moscovici noting that now the way is open for the annulment of measures already legislated on the pensions which, if applied, would cut the pensions of 1.4 millions of pensioners in Greece. He also expressed his certainty that the Eurogroup will approve the Commission’s suggestion for Greece.

Moreover, the European Commissioner said that five state-member, with first Italy, are facing the risk of experiencing fiscal imbalances.