EU Commissioner for Agriculture Hogan to visit Thessaloniki

The European Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan, will be in Thessaloniki on March 9-10 to open the Agricultural Business Summit and visit extrovert and successful companies.

He will also have contacts with the Minister of Rural Development, Evangelos Apostolou.

“Hogan’s visit is a great opportunity to discuss in depth the issues that concern the Greek agriculture, in order to contribute to the recovery of the country”, the head of the European Commission Representation to Greece Panos Karvounis said.

On Thursday, the Commissioner will visit the company KOURELLAS SA, at 11:00, and Alpha Estate, at 15:30. On the same day, Hogan will have a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Rural Development and Food Evangelos Apostolou.

On Friday, at 09:00, the Commissioner will deliver a keynote address at the 3rd Agricultural Business Summit and at 13:00 will hold a joint press conference with Apostolou (Hotel Porto Palace, Thessaloniki).

The head of the European Commission Representation in Greece, Panos Karvounis, said in a statement: Greek agriculture has taken important steps during the crisis, significantly improving its extroversion. But there are delays, both in the organization of cooperatives and producer groups, and the exploitation of innovation and research. A transparent and efficient use of available resources would better resolve these problems. EU provides higher financial assistance to Greece compared to other EU countries, while the sector (4% of GDP) is financed by European funds, higher than the rest of the economy. The best response to the challenges is a combination of income support and adaptation to the difficulties of the time, eg climate challenges. The visit of Commissioner Hogan is a great opportunity to discuss in depth these and other issues of concern to Greek agriculture, leading to the contribution of this sector to Greece’s recovery.”