EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger praises PMTsipras’ reform efforts

It would be a bad advice for Greece to leave the eurozone, Günther Oettinger, member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, said in an interview with the German edition of Huffington Post.

No bank would ever lend Greece money if it wasn’t for the solidarity of the EU member states, he added on the sidelines of the Munich conference.

“Greeks may have not met all their commitments, but Tsipras’ government has made most reforms than ever on budget issues, the labour market and the pensions,” he underlined.

The German politician sent the message of no more austerity measures on Greece saying that a lot of people in Greece are already on the verge of poverty.

Asked on the increasing opposition of Greek politicians to austerity, Oettinger replied: “We persuade more and more citizens everyday that the changes in structures and the economy may be very difficult and harsh, but they have positive results.”