EU Commissioner Moscovici: Decisive and important year for the Greek economy

European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici noted that the coming year will be important and decisive for the Greek economy, speaking on Friday at an informal Eurogroup meeting in Talinn, Estonia. The meeting is expected to focus on the final year of the Greek programme and particularly the third review.

Moscovici said that the third review mostly concerns the implementation of the measures that have been agreed. The timetables that Greece must follow until the end of the programme are currently being drawn up, he added.

“Greece must continue on this course in order to be able to become a normal and attractive country in the eurozone,” said the French Commissioner, adding that the aim is for Greece to exit the adjustment programme.

Concluding, he underlined that all sides must meet their commitments and pointed out that the IMF had initially agreed on the Greek programme and that it was now time “to work on the measures for the debt.”