EU Competition Commissioner expresses support for actions against press distribution monopoly in Greece

European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager on Friday expressed her support for actions taken by the Hellenic Competition Commission against a monopoly in the press distribution sector in Greece, in a reply to SYRIZA MEP Konstantina Kuneva.

Kuneva’s question related to a decision by the last remaining press distribution agent in Greece, the Marinakis-owned company Argos, to raise its prices and abuse its position as a monopoly, creating problems for small publishing enterprises but also for press freedom and democracy in the country.

The Commission stated that it continues to monitor developments in the Greek mass media markets and is willing to cooperate with the Hellenic Competition Commission in its efforts to impose Union law on competition.

In its reply, the Commission also recognised that a press monopoly creates “specific issues as regards the pluralism of the market in Greece” and that these concerns have been taken into account in the design of the programme “Creative Europe” for 2021-2027.