EU expresses total support to Greece and Cyprus

European Commission Foreign Affairs spokesperson Peter Stano on Tuesday expressed EU’s total support to Greece and Cyprus at a regular press briefing.

“EU is with total solidarity by Greece and Cyprus’s side and there is no question on this” he underlined.

Stano characterised the condition in the Eastern Mediterranean ‘extremely worrying” noting that it should be resolved with dialogue and not with a series of steps that increase the tension. “The developments showed that much more need to be done to reduce the tension and to reverse the very bad and unfortunate escalation climate”.

In parallel he underlined that High Commissioner Josep Borel’s statement on Sunday on the Eastern Mediterranean was very clear. He underlined that the recent developments are extremely worrying and will not contribute to finding any solutions but they will lead to a greater antagonism and distrust. “What is needed to be done is to engage in solving all the open issues in line with principles of good neighbourly relations, international law and positive engagement,” he said.