EU member-states expressed solidarity over detained Greek soldiers, says Kotzias

Member-states of the European Union expressed their solidarity with Greece over the two soldiers detained in Turkey since they mistakenly crossed into the country a few weeks ago, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said on Monday, speaking after a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

“Our European partners show their solidarity and sympathy. As you know, [German] Chancellor [Angela] Merkel already intervened with Mr. Erdogan. I hope and I want to believe that it will have a positive outcome in the sense that Turkey will not seek and will not continue to use an incident that often occurs at the border between the two states as a weapon for a long time,” he said.

Asked about his imminent visit to Skopje, Kotzias said: “We have made a text that consists of the entirety of our proposals concerning the open problems we have with FYROM as well as a future agenda for cooperation that will benefit both sides. I sent this agenda to Skopje days ago.”

Concerning the FAC meeting, he said ministers discussed the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, and the reforms the country will have to make. They also discussed Syria and the danger of the crisis affecting the wider area, as well as the need to support a peace process and not allow third countries – like Turkey – to violate international law against third countries or try to maintain a long-tern presence there.