EU official: Pension cuts issue to be discussed on December’s Eurogroup

The decision on whether Greek pensions will be reduced as agreed on January 1 or not will be made during the review of Greece’s draft budget no earlier than at December’s Eurogroup, a high-level eurozone official said on Monday.

At a briefing in Brussels on the Eurogroup meeting scheduled on October 1 in Luxembourg, the official said the issue was not formally on the agenda but that did not rule out discussions on the meeting’s sidelines.

During the briefing, he said, representatives of Greece’s creditors updated EU finance ministries on their first post-program review in Athens earlier this month.

Asked to comment specifically about the legislated pension decision or its postponement, the official said “the decision will be made in the context of reviewing the draft budgets of member-states submitted by October 15.” The Commission will also provide an opinion and then the issue will be discussed at Eurogroup level, possibly in its December meeting, as the November one is too early, he noted.