Eurobank announces new board member

Eurobank Ergasias S.A. on Friday, following the announcements of November 4th and 16th, 2016, informed the investment community that the Board of Directors of the Bank at its meeting of January 12, 2017, appointed Mr. Richard P. Boucher as new independent non-executive member of the BoD, in replacement of the resigned independent non-executive member Mr. Spyridon Lorentziadis, for an equal term to the remaining term of the resigned member.

Mr. Boucher is the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Ireland Group since 2009 and has over thirty years’ experience in all aspects of financial services.

The appointment of the new member of the BoD will be announced to the next General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Bank, while as far as the review process of the new member by the Single Supervisory Mechanism of the European Central Bank is concerned, the relevant procedure under the legislative and regulatory framework will be followed.
Subsequently, the BoD constituted as a body as follows:

1. Nikolaos V. Karamouzis, Chairman, non-executive director
2. Fokion Ch. Karavias, Chief Executive Officer, executive director
3. Stavros E. Ioannou, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive director
4. Theodoros A. Kalantonis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive director
5. George K. Chryssikos, non-executive director
6. Richard P. Boucher, independent non-executive director
7. Wade Sebastian R.E. Burton, non-executive director
8. Stephen L. Johnson, independent non-executive director
9. Bradley Paul L. Martin, independent non-executive director
10. Jawaid A. Mirza, independent non-executive director
11. George E. Myhal, independent non-executive director
12. Lucrezia Reichlin, independent non-executive director
13. Christina G. Andreou, Representative of the Greek State under Law 3723/2008, non-executive director
14. Kenneth Howard Prince – Wright, Representative of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund under Law 3864/2010, non-executive director.