Eurobank signs 150-mln-euro loan agreement with EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Eurobank have signed a 150 million euros loan agreement to finance eligible projects undertaken by small and medium-sized enterprises and midcaps operating in Greece, Eurobank said on Thursday.

In an announcement, Eurobank said that through this credit line, SMEs and MidCaps active in the agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, services and other sectors, may obtain financing in the form of investment loans and working capital liquidity. This is the second loan to be signed between the EIB and Eurobank under the EIB’s 1 billion euros “Loan for SMEs and MidCaps” credit line to Greek banks.

The first one, signed in December 2016 for an amount of 100 million, has been fully taken up by SMEs.

As is the case with the previous financing agreement signed with Eurobank, the latest loan also incorporates the EIB’s “Skills and Jobs – Investing for Youth” initiative, offering competitive interest rates and additional financial advantages to enterprises that promote youth employment. The agreement will contribute actively and decisively to the strengthening of Greek real economy, the creation of sustainable growth and youth employment.

“This loan to Eurobank marks the continuation of the EIB’s long-standing partnership with Greek banks, through which we are together improving access to finance for small and medium sized enterprises, and provides further support for the real economy,” said Jonathan Taylor, EIB Vice-President responsible for lending in Greece. “We are particularly pleased that part of the EIB loan is expected to be on-lent under our “Jobs for Youth” initiative to companies that support youth employment. The EIB remains committed to supporting private sector growth and investing in young people. These are among the principal objectives of our engagement in Greece,” Mr Taylor added.

Fokion Karavias, CEO of Eurobank, stated: «This agreement underlines the contribution that the long – term cooperation between EIB and Eurobank has, to the national effort which is in process aiming to support real economy. The new EIB loan strengthens Eurobank’s strategic choice to support small and medium sized enterprises and midcaps operating in Greece. At the same time we contribute to the success of EIB’s initiative “Skills and Jobs – Investing for Youth” that helps Greece to cope with the challenge of brain drain through creating job opportunities for young people who seek employment.
Today, Greek banks have the will and are in the position to finance real economy and they have accumulated valuable know – how so that they can contribute in a decisive manner to the implementation of large as well as smaller scale investment projects”.