Eurobank will fund all business plans with good prospects

Eurobank is committed in funding business plans with good prospects, Fokion Karavias, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer said during a series of meetings in Thessaly.

“I have repeatedly pledged that there is no case that a solid business plan, based on a good idea, a realistic plan with good prospects, to come to use and we will not find a way to fund it,” Karavias said, adding: “We have planned an integrated package of services for the people in the primary sector, adjusted to the needs of the future. This package covers the most basic banking needs of farmers, consultancy services and participation in all subsidized programs for new farmers”.

The Greek banker, commenting on economic developments and talks to conclude a second review of the Greek program, said: “no-one ignores difficulties, but experience has shown that a delay is burdening the country and the economy. We blame ourselves and the efforts made by the Greek society if we stop now. There are two serious preconditions to return to a sustainable growth course. These are: first, a mixture of economic policy focusing more on development, lowering tax burden for enterprises, implementing a privatization program for 2017 and second, safeguarding on behalf of the banking system of funding the real economy and managing non-performing loans.

Eurobank’s CEO reassured their customers in the region that the bank’s goal was the maximum contribution and the leading role in funding economic growth to a sustainable growth model, supporting society and customers with respect to their needs, offering solutions to their problems, and supporting the bank’s workers.