Eurogroup’s decision a landmark for Greece, says ECON president Gualtieri

The president of the Economic Committee of the European Parliament (ECON) Roberto Gualtieri expressed on Tuesday his certainty that June 15 Eurogroup was a landmark that will give boost to the country.
Gualtieri was addressing the Greek Parliament’s European and Financial Committees.

Gualtieri sent a message to the political and social forces that from now on they should work in a spirit of understanding underlining that the developments are positive and should be taken in consideration from the markets and the investors. He also referred to the third review noting and the necessary reforms to attract funds.

The working group of ECON that monitors the Greek programme was attended by the joint session of the special standing committees of European Affairs and Economic Affairs of the Greek parliament on the developments in the Greek economy and eurozone’s economic governance.

On the debt issue, Gualtieri estimated that Greece will be able to address the challenges regarding the amelioration of the economy, the growth and the competitiveness and will improve the governance adding that significant progress has been posted in combating unemployment, boosting growth and absorbing European funds.

He praised the country for the offset measures noting that Greece must be rewarded for its efforts and the fact that it meets its targets.

On his part, Alternate Foreign Minister responsible for European Affairs George Katrougalos referred to the violation of the European social acquis noting that despite the progress made, there is still a lot to be done.
“We must avoid the same mistakes,” he said adding that the deadlock austerity policies make Europe unacceptable from its people. He said that Jean Claude Juncker has recognised this problem saying that the current Comission is the Commission of the last chance for Europe.

European Parliament vice president Dimitris Papadimoulis said that the Eurogroup decision is a turning point and now the wager is the strengthening of the prospects in 2017 so that the next two years will safeguard Greece’s successful exit from the state of strict supervision”.