N. Voutsis: Eurogroup’s decision opens the way for Greece’s return to the capital markets

The decision of the Eurogroup cleared the road for the disbursement of the loan tranche and Greece’s return to the markets while growth now becomes our main target, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis said on Friday speaking to SKAI TV.

“We were reassured that they will support us in our effort to tap the markets, which will probably take place in 2017,” he said and recognised that the debt issue remains pending. However, he said that the agreement reached is a good one.

He estimated that the ‘programme can be implemented’ and expressed his optimism that the voted measures and offset measures “offer us the opportunity to proceed and the society to stand on its feet.”

He referred to the changes of corrolations in Europe as well as the changing conditions in the world economy noting that “on a different course all measures are re-negotiable.”