European border and coast guard agencies ready to help Greece with migration flows

The European border and coast guard agency is available to provide help in coping with an increase in migration flows seen over the past month at the borders of Greece and Turkey, European Commission spokesperson Natasha Bertaud said in response to questions on Friday.

During the Q&A at the daily press briefing, Bertaud said the Commission was aware of an increase in the migration figures, which had been rising in the last month, though noting that the “figures can fluctuate, that’s normal.”

Pointing out that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had discussed the issue during his recent visit to Greece, while European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos had contacted both the Greek and Turkish authorities, she said the Commission was prepared to support Greece at the land border with Turkey also.

With respect to a complaint by the Dutch migration policy minister to Avramopoulos that more than half the migrants arriving in the Netherlands had not been registered, Bertaud replied that, based on the Commission’s figures, Greek and Italian authorities register and take fingerprints of 100 percent of the migrants arriving at hotspots.

Both the Commission and the relevant European agencies are closely monitoring the situation along Europe’s external borders, she added