European Commission representation’s roadshow on Erasmus for entrepreneurs in Thessaloniki

European information centre of Macedonia organises a roadshow aiming to inform the young people on the best ways to develop EU programmes for studies and entrepreneurship.

The roadshow is held in Thessaloniki under the auspices of the European Commission representation in Greece wants to inform the people on the procedures and qualifications for the Erasmus programme which was initially only for students but due to its success is extended to more groups of people, for example the entrepreneurs.

The programme provides the individual’s transport to another country with all expenses for studies or practice next to another businessman paid. ”We organise these roadshows through the local European Information Centers and agencies in order to explain to the people the conditions and procedures, says alternate chief of EC representation in Athens Aris Peroulakis.

The current roadshow includes the cities of Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Kavala and Komotini.

The next event will refer to startups and will begin in November. EC representation with the assistance of startuppers will inform the young people on the value of innovative business ideas and the ways to implement them.