European edifice dominates Pavlopoulos-Mattarella meeting in Athens

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Wednesday welcomed his visiting Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella, who is in Athens to attend the 10th anniversary since the establishment of the European Public Law Organisation.

Pavlopoulos stressed the need for a fruitful dialogue on the future of Europe and focused particularly on the institutional deepening of the European edifice, so that the European Union becomes a federation based on democratic principles, the rule of law and a state of social justice.

The Greek president also referred to a forthcoming conference in Malta on September 14-15, with the participation of all the non-executive presidents of EU Member-States, pointing out that they will have the opportunity to exchange useful views on the future of the EU. A future which, as he noted, concerns European integration and can only be based on the institutional deepening of the entire European edifice.

On his part, the Italian president referred to the excellent level of bilateral relations between Greece and Italy and expressed the Italian side’s intention to deepen economic relations between the two countries.

He also underlined that all sides find themselves bound by current challenges to an effort to cooperate for the future of Europe and advocated a deepening of democratic principles within the EU.

Moreover, he praised the contribution of the European Public Law Organisation and stressed the importance of the forthcoming conference of non-executive presidents in Malta on September 14-15.
Pavlopoulos will address an event for the 10th anniversary of the European Public Law Organisation taking place at Legraina in Sounion at 17.00, which will be attended by Mattarella and Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. After the event, he will host a dinner for Portugal’s president at the Acropolis Museum at 21:00.