European parliament VP Papadimoulis: Ghost of extreme right populism is looming

The ghost of the extreme right populism is looming not only over the US but also over Europe, underlined European parliament vice president Dimitris Papadimoulis in his article on Sunday in the newspaper Epochi.

“The European Left holds the historic role to not allow phenomena as Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump to become hegemonic” he said adding that the “economic crisis is present worldwide and the slowdown of the world economy apparently creates a number of additional problems to the EU countries. After Britain’s decision for Brexit now the US with the elections of Donald Trump send a resounding message”

Papadimoulis also claimed that “the new US leadership brings uncertainty to Europe because it strengthens the disastrous voices of the extreme right and the voices of those that seek the reconstitution of the national competitiveness. EU’s duty is the immediate change of course. The establishment of a new relation of trust between politics and the citizens, a fair and sustainable growth, the employment and the peace in the wider region are the points that the European elite should take crucial decisions in the next period”

The progressive forces, the Green parties and particularly the European Left have the historic role to intercept the extreme-right populism wave and to prevent phenomena as Trump and LePen to become hegemonic, said Papadimoulis in his article

“The election results in US either will be the omen of bad developments for the world or the alarm clock that will wake up Europe and an example to avoid for a new course towards a progressive and social direction” he said and concludes “the Left must rise to this historic challenge by organising the necessary reactions and alliances”.