European socialists must ‘once again fight for full employment,’ Gennimata says

“This day is a landmark and a start for remembering the rights of workers, their struggle and gains. Social and labour gains that are being disputed and crushed by neoliberal, neoconservative views,” said PASOK president and head of the Democratic Alliance Fofi Gennimata on Monday, in a message marking the May Day holiday.

“We European socialists and democrats have no other choice but to once again fight for full employment, decent wages, radical action against unemployment and social protection. Only in this way can be stem the populism and the far-right voices that feed off the insecurity and, in their turn, feed division,” she added.

“We must open ways of hope and prospects for the generations to come. Carve out a return path for those that have left. We must ensure that a better future is possible for our children in their country,” Gennimata said.