Eurostat: Greece’s unemployment rate at 23 pct in November 2016

Greece’s unemployment rate was 23 pct in November 2016, unchanged from October, based on EU unemployment figures released by Eurostat on Thursday. It was the highest rate in the EU, followed by Spain with 18.2 pct.

The Eurozone rate stayed unchanged at 9.6 pct in January 2017, while the EU28 unemployment rate dropped slightly to 8.1 pct, from 8.2 pct in December. There were a total of 19.9 million unemployed in the EU in January and 15.6 million unemployed in the Eurozone.

The lowest unemployment rates were in the Czech Republic (3.4 pct) and Germany (3.8 pct).

In Greece, the unemployment rate among men was 19.4 pct in November 2016 and for women 27.5 pct. Unemployment among the under-25s increased to 45.7 pct in November, from 44.6 pct in October.

Greece has the highest youth unemployment rate among EU countries, followed by Spain (42.2 pct) and Italy (37.9 pct). The lowest rate was in Germany (6.5 pct), while youth unemployment was at 20 pct for the Eurozone as a whole and 17.7 pct for the EU28 countries.