Eurostat: Greek inflation rate at 1.6 pct in April

Greek annual inflation rate eased to 1.6 pct in April from 1.7 pct in March, Eurostat said on Wednesday. In a report, released here, the EU executive’s statistics service said the inflation rate in the Eurozone grew to 1.9 pct in April from 1.5 pct in March, while in the EU the inflation rate rose to 2.0 pct from 1.6 pct, respectively. The inflation rate was -0.2 pct in the Eurozone and the EU and -0.4 pct in Greece in April 2016.

Romania (0.6 pct), Ireland (0.7 pct) and Slovakia (0.8 pct) recorded the lowest annual inflation rates, while Estonia (3.6 pct), Lithuania (3.5 pct) and Latvia (3.3 pct) the highest rates. Compared with March 2017, the inflation rate fell in six member-states, it remained unchanged in three and rose in 19 member-states.