Eurostat: Greek unemployment rate eased in March

Greek unemployment rate eased to 20.1 pct of the workforce in March 2018, from 20.6 pct in February, Eurostat said on Monday.

In a report released here, the EU executive’s statistics agency said the unemployment rate in the Eurozone was stable at 8.4 pct in May from April, to its lowest level since December 2008. In the EU, the unemployment rate was stable at 7.0 pct, its lowest level since August 2008. The unemployment rate was 9.2 pct and 7.7 pct in the Eurozone and the EU in May 2017.

The number of unemployed people totaled 17.207 million in the EU and 13.656 million in the Eurozone in May.

Greece (20.1 pct in March) and Spain (15.8 pct) recorded the highest rates, while Czech Republic (2.3 pct) and Germany (3.4 pct) the lowest rates.

Cyprus, Croatia and Greece recorded the biggest percentage declines in the EU. The unemployment rate among men was 16.3 pct and among women at 25 pct in Greece. The unemployment rate among young people aged up to 25 years old was 43.2 pct in March (45.5 pct in February).

Greece, Spain (33.8 pct) and Italy (31.9 pct) recorded the highest unemployment rates among young people, while Germany (6.1 pct), Estonia (6.8 pct) and Holland (6.9 pct) the lowest.