Eurozone sources: Eurogroup to focus on Greek debt and ways to boost growth

The issue of Greece’s debt and the ways to boost growth in the country will be the main issues discussed in Thursday’s Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg which, according to Eurozone sources, is scheduled to start soon.

Earlier in the day, the EuroWorking Group said Greece has implemented all thw 140 prior actions demanded by its lenders and today’s talks between Eurozone finance ministers aims at reaching an improved version of the May 22 agreement.

Concerning the exact amount of the loan tranche that will be disbursed to Greece, Eurozone sources said the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) proposed 8.5 billion euros, but the issue will be discussed at the Eurogroup.

The draft agreement will also mention ways to strengthen growth in Greece, such as a better absorption of EU funds and ways to boost investments with the help, among others, of the European Investment Bank.
Regarding Greek debt, the same sources said France supported by other member-states are putting pressure to include some elements of the French proposal for a compromise in today’s joint statement.